Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg...
Allen Ginsberg, was that you?
Peeking through my window as I bathed,
my knees poking out of the water
like two little islands in a sea of foam.

Was that you, Allen Ginsberg?
Making a call from the phone booth
at the bowling alley?
You were there, talking for over two hours
That phone has been out of order for years.

Allen Ginsberg, was that you?,
or are you dead now? Am I dead now?
I am pretty sure Kennedy is dead now.
He died in your 42nd year, Allen Ginsberg...
on the floor in the kitchen of a Los Angeles hotel.
I'm 42, and not a whole lot of fuckin' much has happened.
Perhaps someone important has been born this year.
We'll just have to wait 20 years and find out.

I was in your home town, In fuckin' New Jersey.
Went to a strip show, saw a woman press her tits
against a pain of glass...Modern art? 
I felt a bit sick so I went outside to vomit.
I then went home and thought of the stripper all night.
Allen Ginsberg, where are you?
Probably wearing some faded black turtleneck sweater,
bald, with heavy Buddy Holly glasses sliding
down the bridge of your nose.
Probably holding "court" with burnt out ex flower power
has beens.....oh Allen Ginsberg

RIP Allen Ginsberg


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