The 25 year old Hairbrush

My hairbrush broke today. The handle snapped as I slicked back my quiff after my morning shower. I was disappointed with the breakage as the brush and I have a shared history. It has been a part of my grooming ritual since 1985 after I bought it for a couple of dollars at a local drug store. It has been on the bathroom shelf my entire adult life.

I began to reflect on the historical events which have occurred since I began using the brush. The “LIVE AID” concert was held in both London and Philadelphia and was beamed around the globe. Crack cocaine appeared. Billy Joel married Christie Brinkley proving that a fairly unattractive man can still capture a beauty. Nintendo was introduced while New Coke was born and died.   

The Titanic wreckage was found , The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of fame opened. The Challenger exploded. There was Chernobyl, The Iran Contra Scandal and poor “Baby Jessica”  fell down a well.  A 93-year-old Rudolf Hess strangled himself, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, and Sonny Bono became the Mayor of Palm Springs California.

McDonald’s opened in the  USSR. Yellowstone National Park was alight with wildfires and The Exxon Valdez ran aground while her Captain was drunk. Tiananmen Square filled with  protesters who were later met with guns and tanks. Rob Lowe was captured in a soft porn video with an underage girl and  Hugh Grant picked up a hooker. Panama was invaded and loud rock music  was used to drive Manuel Noriega from his asylum. Pete Rose was banned from baseball and Milli Vanilli won a Best New Artist Grammy but later returned it when they were discovered to be lip syncers. 

Desert Storm began and ended. We had Reagan, Thatcher, Perestroika and the fall of communism in Europe.  There were the Bushs, a couple of Popes and a Boston Red Sox World Series Championship. 

The Balkans were in a state of war, Nancy Kerrigan was whacked by a club, and there was a  mass genocide of  Tutsis by Hutus in the Congo; It was estimated that 800,000 were slaughtered in less than 100 days.

 “The Glove” did not fit O.J. Simpson, The Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed and citizens disenchanted with the American Government  formed militias.  There was a Royal Divorce, Viagra was introduced and two students went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School, killing 15. 

Clinton had sex, left a stain on a blue dress and had an impeachment trial. Joe DiMaggio died, and two planes slammed into the Twin Towers. There was war in Iraqi, war in Afghanistan, and a  “War on Terror”.  Then came Hurricane Katrina, Barack Obama, the death of Michael Jackson and recently Oprah’s visit to Australia.

In the 25 years my hairstyle has changed many times, and so too has the World but the hairbrush has been a constant. I now must learn to use it without its handle.


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