What does it Mean to be a Man

What does it mean to be a man?

Photo by Hungrybison

Drinking beer at 9:37 in the morning?

Frozen blood,

shouted commands,

the mist surrounding men’s faces.

Deteriorating, exhausted,

a knife in the heart.

Hardened, vulnerable,

getting our asses whipped,

this is not how it is meant to be.

Pushed into this situation,

words from a saint,

damn, it’s cold.

Being a man is,


Being a man,

insignificant, irrelevant,

a shear force of will,

means little.

Don’t let them down,

Don’t let them down.



Filed under American West, Blood, lonliness, love, micro stories, original photography, original writing, poem, poems, thoughts

2 responses to “What does it Mean to be a Man

  1. blogmefast

    I bet it’s hard to be a man. Man have to prove themselves that is why beer was invented. To have a little break once in a while. Don’t forget that in some deserts men drink first, then camel, then women. This is a really nice poem……..

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