In the Beginning was the Word

What sort of intelligence built this?

photo by hungrybison

Footage of blank stucco walls pocked with bullet holes,

children with pots and pans,

fucking forays into the mundane.

The philosophical revelations, the magnificence of art,


Schizophrenic satire;

The world is not big enough,

the sky too confining.

In the beginning was the word,

and the word was free.

It belonged to everyone,

and the word was enough.

Then came the power,

and it took possession of the word.

Then were heard the cries of women,

the raising voice of the dissident,

the thorny crown, the falling truncheons.

Devastation in its wake,

destruction of the land of dreams.



Filed under creative writing, micro stories, original writing, poem

2 responses to “In the Beginning was the Word

  1. Richard Carnal

    My oh my. I see you’ve got the time, and you’ve put it to some use. Don’t write to much. I won’t be able to keep up with you. Wait for me big brother.

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