You, you megalomaniac,

photo by hungrybison

I see you as you are,

not as you wish to be seen.


of your relevance,

your omnipotence.



with no magic left in your arsenal,

no shining eye of the almighty between your ass cheeks.

I see,

humiliation has changed you.


Your greasy  hair,

razor stubbled legs,

yellow stains under the arms of your unwashed blouse,

someone has torn you.


My clear observations,

are seen by only a few,

the cashier at the grocery store,

the kid that delivers your coffee,

others you have victimised,

they can see.


Others continue to hold you dearly,

with great adulation;

they continue to kiss your ass.

The “shit eating whores”,

in slinky polyurethane tea dresses,

The bootlicking sons of bitches ,

wrapped tightly in both your grip,

and bondage gear.

Those sorry eyed fuckers,

They’re blind,

all blind.


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Filed under creative writing, original writing, poem, Short stories and essays

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