Two crutches,

photo by hungrybison

14 bucks in my pocket,

half a beer left in the glass.


The scent of wet leather,
the sound of loud music,
the fucking tourists.

During the summer this place is empty.

Come ski season,
it’s full of big city assholes.
Drunks in woolen caps,
guys looking for pussy,
girls willing to provide.

No inhibitions when you’re from somewhere else.
It’s a modern day boom town,
for swinging cocks.

It’s the “New West”,
The one that replaced,
the hardness of the mines,
the fist fights, and blood.

These kids are fucked,
cashed up,
and in need of a good ass whopping.

They have turned this town into shit.





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Filed under creative writing, micro stories, original writing, poem, Short stories and essays

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