Steak Night at The Cuckoo Lounge

“Steak night” at “the Cuckoo Lounge”,
pajama clad refugees,
sullen eyed,
dance their food in slow motion
across their plates,
cut their porterhouses with a butter knife.
Heat blowing full-bore through the vents above their heads,
licks at their hair,
makes them almost look “alive”.

The wisps create the illusion of being outside,
under the clouded skies.

There’s a full moon behind those clouds,
big and bright,
they  just can’t see it.



Filed under poetry

4 responses to “Steak Night at The Cuckoo Lounge

  1. originaltitle

    ‘Pajama clad refugees,’ love this, such great imagery. I can see this scene unfolding clearly with the words you choose.

  2. originaltitle

    ‘Pajama clad refugees,’ great imagery! iI can see this scene playing out so clearly due to your strategic choice of words.

  3. yourejivingme

    A meaty treat.

  4. This struck a chord.
    Your words reach right in.

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