Modern times

photo by hungrybison

Every nation,
has a psychopath,
a mass murderer,
a crazed  supremacist,
a schoolyard butcher.
will always be.


every day,
kill people,
every day,
human beings,

Why ?
Americans kill people.

Sharpen your bullets!

Americans kill,
as a way to accomplishment.
Every single day,

air conditioned,
plush carpet,
white suburbia,
angry people,
reaching for the gun.



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2 responses to “Gated

  1. yourejivingme

    But every now and then we kill just the right person, Gotta love that!

  2. As usual, your words have thrown my mind into overdrive, trying to capture my thoughts long enough to get them written down… but this.. it’s such a huge topic that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

    The US is a unique beast. It is enormous, it has been wealthy beyond imagining, it has been the blueprint for a society designed to consume and to waste, a blueprint that was then handed out to other western societies, like Australia, to emulate.

    Everything is pre-packaged for convenience. We don’t do anything for ourselves any more, including our thinking. We simply expect a lot. We expect that the world will be fair to us, and will go our way. We expect that if we were being robbed in the middle of the street, someone would help us – but we don’t put ourselves in danger by assisting others. The world will give to us what we refuse to give back. Everything is there for us to take. The planet is one giant supermarket.

    But not many of us are very happy at the moment. Mental illness and depression is rampant throughout society. We are making ourselves sick, we’re killing ourselves slowly – and senselessly.

    … and this is without even mentioning all the wars that Team America: World Police and her obsequious, sycophantic allies take part in.

    It’s never about the peace-keeping or the destruction of dictatorship/war on terror – it’s about money. And human life isn’t worth a damn thing.

    That’s the poison that has leaked into the culture of the US and Western Society in general – human life is worthless when it stands in the way of What We Want. Unfortunately, it’s a poison that has far more sources than solutions.

    At least, that’s one of the thoughts I managed to grab hold of…
    Thanks for yet another wonderful post.

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