A Liar

A lie is comfort,
protection for desire.

A liar all my life,
it’s been fucking great.

I’ve done so much,
more than you,
in my deceit.

I’ve fucked girls to tears,
leaving them whimper,
like wounded puppies.

Man, woman, beast,
Don’t let me catch ya,
sneakin’ a peak with a
passive aggressive eye,
in my direction.

Nor dare you whisper your disgust,
’cause I’m a hissin’ mother fucker.

Drippin’ venom,
looking to even up the
broken bones,
the internal bruisings,
the blood filled nostrils,
and clotted throats of my past.

I’ll sweep away the spectators,
I’ll clear the chairs of ’em all.
I gotta protect what’s mine.

Sssshhh, can you hear that?
It’s the rocks,
they’re breathing.

The Apache believe everything is alive,
it’s the white men,
who believe in the lie,
that everything,
but themselves,
is dead.



Filed under creative writing, original writing, Outlaw poetry, poetry

4 responses to “A Liar

  1. yourejivingme

    Brilliant – you are always brilliant!

  2. Visceral and powerful. Love it. You draw such characters and the anger is palpable and bloody.

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