Fantasy Island

From the night-time comfort of my leopard skin covered bed,

photo by hungrybison

I see there are spicks and specks of dirt and light,
and the sound of drums,
all coming from a distant land,
all coming from my TV.


Damn it’s true,
all of this,and that.
Video did Kill the Radio Star!
Another flash of light,
another crying father,
another flicker somewhere between the reruns
of “Happy Days”,
of Belushi on “Saturday Night Live”.

Tonight is “The Night”,
stay tuned!
It will be a good game,with many towns and cities coming under attack,
Israeli military forces deployed close to the border,
the preparation for a possible ground offensive.

The “Go – ahead” has been given,
for the military to call up 30,000 reservists,
and it’s all here,
all to be seen on the satellite news.

And to think they took “Fantasy Island” off the air for this shit!


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