The Rat

Meanwhile I was outside,
having a bit of a Mexican stand-off
with a rat by the dumpster.

Son of a bitch,
eyeballing me,
waiting for me to back down,
turn away and run like a scared child.

Then it dawned on me,
damn I’m almost 50 for christ’s sake.
This rat couldn’t be more than 5 maybe 6,
I don’t know, all I know is that he
was a big bastard.

Slowly I picked up a chunk of concrete,
there was the sound of the Valkyrie drowning out the noise of the scum dripping from the walls.

The rat,
in a frenzy of fear,
lit a cigarette,
trembled ,
then it occurred to me,
he was a family man ,
just like me.
God damn it!
He’s like me,
I’m like him,
we’re all in this muck hole together.

I dropped the concrete and asked the rat for a smoke.
He obliged without saying a word.

We turned our backs to each other, and went our separate ways.


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One response to “The Rat

  1. Feeling a little silly saying “argh! amazing!” on every one of your posts, but everything about your writing makes feelings.

    The rhythm, the words, the imagery you create takes my breath away and all I’m left with is a thumping heart and a head that is so full of wonder that my vocabulary shrinks to a few roaring noises and the word “amazing”.

    I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to nominate you for the Australian Writers’ Centre Blog of the Year Award. To do so, I need to provide your email address. If you’re happy for me to nominate you, could you either email me: novirginmary at gmail dot com, or head to to enter yourself.

    I hope you do!

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