Painted on Smile

Everywhere I look,
I see the faces of children.
The faces of five year olds on adult bodies.

The faces are of the kids that grew up to become these adults,
these woeful looking individuals, devoid of any real dreams other than being able to afford to get the
fuck out.

The five year olds,
well, they were full of dreams.
They didn’t know any better.
They were told that they could be anything they wanted to be when they grew up.

But none of these adults are cowboys,
or ballerinas,
race car drivers,
or princesses.

These adults are office workers, and delivery men,
part time parents,
and computer porn addicts.

But they all,
all still possess a child’s face,
a child’s face with only a painted on smile.



Filed under outlaw poetry, poetry

3 responses to “Painted on Smile

  1. I adore this. Thank you for writing about my strange inner thoughts for me.

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