Not Quite Eden


Farmers took their lives 

in despair,

after days of

bull-dozing their orchards 

into the ground.


The grief of having to bury trees,

while ships full of fruit arrived

from all over the world.


Twenty years on 

and the trees 

can be seen growing 

in the strangest of places.

Full of rotten fruit, 

no-one to pick them.


The trees fought death 

by re-shooting. 

Some survived,

The farmers weren’t so lucky.




Filed under outlaw poetry, poetry

3 responses to “Not Quite Eden

  1. sounds pretty accurate, unfortunately.

    • Good to see you back. Thanks for reading. This is based on a friend of mine’s life experience growing up in Mooroopna

      • I went away and obtained mental ‘health’ in place of illness. Turns out mental health is far more boring than mental illness, and writing inspiration is rather scarce 😉

        your friend’s life experience sounds a lot like many of the people I know. I’m in Central West NSW.

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